Andrea (Live)

Hope Works - Saturday Night Rave

Born and raised in Turin, passionated by music and art, since his childhood Andrea started to buy vinyl records approaching music across all different genres (from new wave and post-punk to reggae and dub music).

In his productions Andrea is a  mainstay of the fantastic Illian Tape label of Munich. His sound is a fusion of Breakbeat, IDM warehouse techno and gritty house. Turin city has a key role in his sound; its dark and post-industrial soul clearly emerges in every track. Emotive melodies and abstract sounds, heavy kicks and low-end drum, atmo-pads and chord progressions are the significant elements of his music.

Behind the decks and also in his live set, he creates an intense atmosphere with a mixture of effective dancefloor bangers and stepping rhythms all served up on a bed of fierce energy and soundsystem pressusre!