Hope Works - Saturday Night Rave

DJ, promoter and curator CCL is a founding member of TUF - a Seattle based collective focused on community-building and creating visibility for underrepresented artists in dance music. A force of the US scene, their hard work is helping to shape North America’s music community through their work with Discwoman, Decibel Festival, Corridor and more.

In the past year, their mixes and sets introduced international listeners to their distinct sound and received accolades from Mixmag, FACT and Pitchfork. A feverish collector of records, CCL has an affinity for freaky and fluid sounds. Whether that’s in the form of breaks, bubbling electro, twisted techno or velvet textured ambient they will guide you through a kaleidoscope of rhythms.

CCL has performed at countless international venues, highlights of which are ://about-blank (Berlin), Globus (Berlin), IFZ (Leipzig), Smartbar (Chicago), Nowadays (NYC) Yuyu (Mexico City), Movement (Detroit).