DJ Flight

Hope Works - Friday Night Opening Rave

DJ Flight is one of the most influential figures in Drum & Bass, both as a DJ and a radio presenter. She has been at the forefront of the scene’s transitional periods by championing underground music and eclectic producers. She draws attention from beyond the genre due to her great taste and a distinct narrative to her sets.

Go anywhere in the world and Drum & Bass fans know Flight thanks to her seminal radio show – The Next Chapter – on BBC 1Xtra, a weekly fixture that quickly became The Holy Grail for discovering new styles and experimental sounds.

Flight is highly regarded as the inner sanctum of the Drum & Bass scene as a result of her longstanding residencies for Metalheadz and Swerve, and her exquisite live sets emanating deeper shades of Drum & Bass.

As a teenager, Flight was a regular at Desire, AWOL and Innovation where she first discovered Kemistry & Storm and was instantly moved by their fearless selection and individuality. This inspired her to start collecting records and teach herself to mix.

Flight’s big break came when Kemistry & Storm gave her mixtape to Goldie and told him they wanted to bring her into the fold. If Kemistry & Storm said a DJ was good then Goldie knew they were good. Within months, Goldie had invited Flight to the Metalheadz stable and her residency at the Sunday Sessions at Dingwalls was born.

Once on Metalheadz, it wasn’t long until DJ Flight bagged another residency at Swerve and became part of the evolution of the liquid funk scene alongside another one of her great inspirations – Fabio. Flight soared as a worldwide club DJ, holding down residencies and playing at numerous club events and festivals across Europe, Japan, USA and Canada.

Production work came calling and DJ Flight worked with Breakage as Alias, and Craggz & Parallel Forces for releases on 31, Critical, Bassbin and Product.   Flight’s label, Play:Musik, was launched in 2005. Releases covered a range of influences and assembled the emergence of up and coming artists such as Martyn whose first 12” launched the label and his own career as a producer too.

DJ Flight continues to play her Drum & Bass and More Styles sets worldwide and is currently a radio producer for the Prison Radio Association, an award-winning charity which runs the world’s only national station for prisoners and aims to reduce reoffending through the power of radio.