Zaron Mizmeras - Talk

Facebook Stream - Tuesday 13th

Zaron Mizmeras will be hosting a talk on 'Cyborg Activism & You' as well as presenting his 'Post-Communication II' installation.

He describes his talk on 'Cyborg Activism & You' as such:

We have reached a time wherein our evolution is no longer driven through natural elements,instead our advancement as a species is primarily driven by technological change.

This talk will illustrate this ideology through a brief history and description of Cyborg activism, tracing its roots through transhumanism and to the larger post-humanism movement.

Beginning with a demonstration of the artists work with brain-computer-interfaces and bio-data sonification as an example of the ideology, an image is formed of the contemporary cyborg and its plans for the future as well as the risks and rewards of a society inexorably moving towards technological and biological convergence.

His installation centres on Post-Communication Languages, which are currently being and have been developed by machines of our own design, but we have no knowledge or understanding of their application or operation, nor are we currently able to assimilate such data.

'Post-Communication II' seeks to illustrate this concept through the use of bio-data sonifcation, which is the perceptualisation of specifically non-speech-based biological data in order to convey information. In doing so the installation forces the audience to confront the 'Internet of Things' and our future role within it.

He has this to say about his practice:

My work seeks to illustrate the contemporary human conditon & sensory experience specifically through new-media technologies. I believe all art should dynamically respond to an audience in a way in which we similarly respond to the presence of other beings, animals or objects. We use technology not only as a tool but as a toy; as such I believe this aspect of transformative tools should be a primary feature in a holistic view of our understanding of the amorphous environment we find outselves in.

From an early age technology and communication was the basis of much of my interests, focusing my studies upon the consumption and transference of information via interested-mediation led me to study for my MA in Film & Media production in Sheffield. Finishing in 2015 I independently pursued a career in the arts, holding multiple art installations as part of my final university project and taking bookings as a resident visual artist at venues in and around Sheffield.

Following this I began working towards a more defined arts practice, which would focus on developing experiential-based pieces which would respond to the audience's presence, opposed to my previous, passive pieces of work for events, film, theatre and virtual reality.