Gabber Modus Operandi (3D)

Kelham Island Museum - Saturday - Saturday Afternoon

Gabber Modus Operandi is an accidental project founded by Kasimyn and Ican Harem. Born out of a shared obsession for all sorts of high-octane, fast-paced sounds, they explode an extensive range of influences into vibrant, outrageous productions.

Together, the duo fuse the challenging sounds of gabber, footwork, grindcore, and noise with a number of uniquely Indonesian sounds such as jathilan (a trance dance in which an animal spirit possesses the body), dangdut koplo (a subgenre of a popular folk music), and funkot (reminiscent of both European happy hardcore as well as dangdut).

Their love for energetic, intense sounds forms the foundation of their hyper-active, unprecedented output. Using samples of traditional Indonesian music (especially of the Balinese gamelan), and borrowing from the pentatonic scale, Gabber Modus Operandi attempt to bridge the gaps between humour, dark contemporary music, and Indonesian tradition. With exuberant digital sarcasm, they straddle the line between the sacred and the banal.

The hard, fast, abrasive club sounds they have been making since 2018 owe a lot to both Indonesia’s aforementioned heavy metal obsession and gamelan — percussion-based, traditional ritualistic music that plays a similarly integral part in the country’s culture. Despite the name, the pair are quick to stress that their music isn’t actually gabber — certainly not in the traditional European sense.

We're honoured that their 3D performance at No Bounds 2021 will be one of their first in the UK and we're excited to see them bring their refreshing blend of speed Western club sounds with traditional Indonesian rhythms to the humble Steel City.