Sandhya Daemgen


Sandhya Daemgen works at the intersection of the contemporary dance and conceptual art worlds, often using music, sound and/or voice as a medium to communicate, connect and affect her audience. She researches and investigates themes of feminism, science-fiction and rituals, using their histories to re-imagine and discuss our rapidly approaching future. Her works are often playful, humorous, informative, mysterious and deeply insightful, tapping into the complexity that is our human condition.

At No Bounds this year, Sandhya will be delivering her 'What's That Noise' project, a piece that recognizes, cherishes and pays tribute to 20th century female musicians that pushed musical and societal boundaries and paved the way for those who came after. The audience will be led through an alternative narrative of musical history centering on the personal, social and political stories of select female musicians, their work and innumerable influences. What’s That Noise continues a lineage that offers a platform to sound, voices and untold stories that deserve to be heard.