96 Back (Live)

Hope Works // Saturday Rave - Room: Jansky Room // Set Time: 00:00-01:00

Sheffield-born now Manchester-based Evan Majumdar-Swift, a.k.a. 96 Back is a young DJ/Producer embodying the renegade spirit of his native Steel City spanning genres, sounds and attitudes.

Growing up amongst the bleep legends of the rolling Sheffield hills, Evan began nurturing his Ableton sorcery skills at an early age. At just 18 years old, he released his first EP 'Provisional Electronics' on CPU Records, quickly followed by his *debut* DJ set at the Boiler Room label showcase.

Fast forward a bit and Evan's graduated from techno wunderkind to one of the most multi-faceted producers around. His 2019 debut album 'Excitable, Girl' saw him push the boundaries of experimental electro to include italo-tinged euphoric arpeggios, bittersweet cascading piano melodies and, of course, absolutely massive drops. Support from everyone from Special Request to Jensen Interceptor to name but a few show the huge impact he's made already.

96 Back has had close ties with Hope Works from the start and was made one of the 2019 residents, as well as, performing a new bespoke live piece during the 2020 edition of No Bounds. It's always a pleasure working with Evan and we can't wait to have him back on home turf for this year’s festival.