Hope Works // Saturday Rave - Room: Courtyard Anomaly // Set Time: 03:30-05:30

Sheffield based producer and DJ Diessa makes excursions into UK club sounds, melding segments of footwork, techno, bass, jungle and ambient, allowing them to continue to grow as one of the finest talents in the underground both in Sheffield and nationwide right now.

Releases from Diessa include a 5 track EP on Hi-NRG back in 2020 and their most recent release 'Between Rooms', a 4 track EP on Edited Arts which has focused on the middle ground between dance and chill out, also referred to as a venn diagram of Room 1 and Room 2 dance music, confident head bop material for those with a preference for the underworld of BPMs.

Alongside being the co-founder of the Sheffield based queer collective/party Babycakes, Diessa held down a residency at Hope Works in 2020 and 2021 where they promised "big energy sets with a complete disregard for tradition and to leave the rave gayer than you started", if that doesn't get you excited for their performance at No Bounds 2022 we're not quite sure what will!