Dj Fart in the Club

Hope Works // Opening Rave // Friday - Room: Kuiper Belt // Set Time: 00:00-01:30

As well as having arguably the best DJ name in Berlin, Seoul-born DJ Fart in the Club is one of the finest talents you'll find in the booth. She is a master of a deep, emotive side of club music, and a rhythmic restlessness sets her style apart from the techno DJ tropes that haunt the German capital.

DJ Fart in the Club‘s name might be fabulously irreverent, but the rising Berlin-based DJ’s sets are serious, ecstatic odysseys through the many sides and sounds of techno, rave and electro. Nothing shows off DJ Fart in the Club’s awesomely deep collection, track selection sensibilities and mixing chops better than a live late night set. Fortunately for those who haven’t managed to catch her in action just yet, the ever-reliable Berlin party and record label Oscillate has shared a recent recording of the DJ taken from their fourth anniversary party last month. Effortlessly blending together UK bleep, B12-esque spaced-out techno and brittle electro tracks, the set bristles with ’90s atmospheric futurism while also sounding like it belongs to the present.