Helena Hauff

Hope Works // Opening Rave // Friday - Room: Mothership // Set Time: 01:00-03:00

Dark, ragged, grimy and brutal, the gnarly tracks of German techno producer Helena Hauff have kept the planet’s dance floors pumping for over eight years, from tiny underground clubs like Golden Pudel in Hamburg to the world’s biggest music festivals. Known for her sets mixed exclusively with her impressive vinyl collection, Helena Hauff cuts an exceptional figure at a time when USB drives stuffed with MP3s have widely replaced turntables and wax. But when she’s behind the decks, it’s sure to be an unforgettable night with her discerning selection of bangers ranging from acid house to industrial techno and EBM. And when she steps into the producer role, she loves nothing more than to flow with her analog instruments in jam sessions that lead to cold, pulsating albums perfect for on and off the dance floor.

A former resident of the Golden Pudel club in her hometown Hamburg, Helena’s profile and global standing has grown exponentially purely on the strength of her authenticity and her expertly curated DJ sets spanning acid, electro, EBM, techno and post punk. Gigging incessantly (and still lugging a box of records across the world) Helena’s reputation earned her an invitation to join the BBC Radio 1 Residency, she was the subject of cover features for Crack Magazine and DJ Mag, she played headline sets at Sonar (b2b with Ben UFO) and Dekmantel, and at the end of 2017 Crack Magazine declared Helena “The Most Exciting DJ In The World (Right Now)” and her ballistic BBC Essential Mix was voted the best of 2017. 

We think it's true to say that Helena Hauff is a DJ everyone will speak about in hushed tones in 20, 30, 40 years. With records of the highest calibre and technical skills that leave your jaw swinging, few have done more to launch dancefloors to their current state of turbo-anarchy. We imagine her political alignment is not monarchist, but it is impossible to deny we are in the hall of modern day electro royalty. Truly, Helena is the People's Princess.