Hope Works // Saturday Rave - Room: Courtyard Anomaly // Set Time: 03:30-05:30

LCY is multi-genre producer/artist and DJ from Bristol.
LCY has independently played around the UK and Europe pushing and releasing a darker sound of electronic music. The London-based artist has spun herself into prominence with a blend of bass-heavy genres. Her mixtapes have garnered acclaim, her tracks have regularly featured in radio shows and on club systems, and she is now a highly sought-after DJ in her own right. Yet, LCY finds that the public perception of her is packed into narrow frameworks that don’t fit her creative personality, which bursts at the seams. 
Head of new platform SZNS7N, LCY launched the label with her most recent EP 'S1N' and went on to release SZN001; a compilation featuring new UK artists and supported by the likes of Pearson Sound, Pinch and Om Unit. The label SZNS7N plans to continuously push innovative music and visual art with a big focus on creative collaboration further in 2020. 2020 will mark a big change for LCY as they move into a more cinematic, abstract approach to making music.