Lise Autogena x Joshua Portway: 196.85 ml/h

SADACCA - Saturday & Sunday - 12:00-17:00

Title: 196.85 ml/h 

Venue: SADACCA, 48 The Wicker, S3 8JB 


The room is filling with oil at the same rate that the oceans are rising. A computer controlled laboratory pump produces a precisely calibrated drip of oil which forms a puddle on the floor at the rate of 196.85 millilitres per hour; at this rate the level of oil in the room will rise at 3.6mm per year, the current rate that the oceans are rising.

The oil drips at a rate of almost one drop per second, a quiet and insistent rhythm that is meditative and yet relentless, reminiscent of hourglasses and of taps dripping in the night.

The Artists

Lise Autogena and Joshua Portway (UK) have worked together since the early 90’s, developing large-scale multimedia installations, site-specific works, films and performances. Their projects include Growing Cities Like Plants, a project using the regulatory system of plant growth for city planning (Sainsbury Plant Laboratory/Cambridge University, 2016). Most Blue Skies, a project locating and visualising the bluest skies in the world (Domaine de Chamarande, Paris 2012, Arts Catalyst, 2011,Tensta Kunsthal, 2010, Nikolaj Kunsthal/COP15, 2009,?Gwangju Biennial, 2006). Black Shoals; Dark Matter - Stock Market Planetarium (Somerset House, ArtScience Museum Singapore, 2016; Nikolaj Kunsthal,?2004; Tate Britain, 2000). Untitled; superorganism - a simulated ant mill (Anthropocene Monument - Les Abattoirs Museum of Modern and Contemporary?Art, Globale: Exo-Evolution, ZKM 2015) and Foghorn Requiem, a concert for a disappearing sound, performed by Souter Lighthouse foghorn, 3 brass bands and 50 ships on the North Sea. Since 2014 they documented the challenges in the siting of a rare earth / uranium mine in South Greenland, which resulted in the establishment of Narsaq International Research Station (NIRS). For the past two years they have worked with The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) on projects that explored the idea of a ‘slow crisis room’. 

Joshua Portway is a UK born multimedia artist and game designer and Lise Autogena is a Danish born artist and Professor of Cross-Disciplinary Art at The Art, Design and Media Research Centre (ADMRC) at Sheffield Hallam University.