Mun Sing

Hope Works // Saturday Rave - Room: Jansky Room // Set Time: 02:00-03:00

Harry Wright, better known as Bristol-based producer Mun Sing, makes up one half of experimental techno unit Giant Swan. 

With releases on Portals Editions, Howling Owl Records, and FuckPunk, Giant Swan have built a cult following from the psychedelic intensity within their music and live shows. Created from just guitars, vocals and pedals, their performances twist components to their most extremes, exploring the outer edges of rhythmic noise and industrial techno and in turn delivering an explosive energy never quite the same as before.

Wright’s first solo outing as Mun Sing comes via the ever reliable Infinite Machine. A vigorous five track EP of distorted textures, twisted samples and unconventional rhythms, Wright states that the Witness EP is “designed to be quite an intense record, about finding clarity within madness…it’s about building up a conversation and sometimes a conflict between the parts.”

Stepping up for Hyp 308, Mun Sing offers a fierce mix of heavy-bass mutations that operate under much of the same principles, drifting between various forms of broken club music and keeping components well above the redline.