Hope Works // Opening Rave // Friday - Room: Courtyard Anomaly // Set Time: 23:00-23:45

Based in the north of the UK, MYNA is well known for her bouncy playful mixes traveling from afrobeat, afro house, baile funk to Gqom, her mixes are infused with energy and nuance.. In some of her latest mixes, DJ MYNA takes you through a brooding percussive soundscape, influenced by her heavier tastes in metal, hardcore and Gqom and her Nigerian heritage. MYNA specialises in showcasing the best the African diaspora has to offer. From house, to Gqom, to baile funk, her mixes are infused with energy and nuance.

MYNA has been busy playing events in the north of the UK. Notably at No Bounds Festival 2020, White Hotel, and Soup Kitchen. To explore different concepts, genres and BPM's MYNA has curated shows for 1020 radio, Reform Radio, Sable Radio, NARR Radio, Steam Radio MCR, and Threads Radio to name a few. Having been announced as one of our residents for the 2022 season, we cannot wait to see what MYNA will put in the works for No Bounds 2022!