Nyege Nyege Showcase (3D)

Hope Works - TBA - TBA

In 2020 we brought the Nyege Nyege crew to the Kelham Island for a virtual 3D show for a small, socially-distanced crowd as well as viewers online. This year they are not here in person due to COVID related travel unfortunately. We have collated a pick of some of the best moments from last years performance for you to enjoy on the 3D HISS soundsystem. Rendered for 3D performance.

Nyege Nyege stands for peace, love,and abundant joy for underground music and musicians in Africa,from Africa or with a deep interest in getting to know the continent better; it stands for fun and curiosity and pushing boundaries always with a sense of inclusivity and an invitation to wonder. For thosefour days of the festival, Nyege Nyege's aim is for you to have the best time of your life and discover Uganda, the pearl of Africa.

Born out of an act of sheer collective madness in the rainy season of 2015 (after which it moved to the dry season…), Nyege Nyege Festival is now considered the most important 4-day international music festival in East Africa for both its one of a kind curation and its unique East African party vibe.

Nyege Nyege is part of a Kampala based arts collective that includes an artist residency and community studios, our two record labels NYEGE NYEGE TAPES and HAKUNA KULALA as well as an artist management agency and a legendary party crew called Boutiq Electroniq. The Festival’s aim is to showcase all the exciting development on the East African scene, to show daring projects and give a real voice to the underground, making it a highlight for both audiences and musicians alike.