Phatworld are founders of the Sheffield rave label, Off Me Nut Records. Since 2010 OMN has put out an eclectic mix of music styles over 175+ releases, from Bassline Warpaz and grinding Doom metal, to 200bpm turbo-Happy Hardcore. As well as running the label, Phatworld have been promoting their Off Me Nut events for over a decade, bringing their hyper-ravey and fun ethos to warehouses and clubs across the U.K..

Residencies at Sheffield's Hope Works, and Bristol's German cargo ship/club Thekla, have built up a cult following for their exciting, out of the ordinary lineups and themes. Mikie Dankle & Tich have now become festival favourites appearing year after year at Glastonbury, Bangface, Balter, Beat-Herder, Bassfest and an annual residency at the award winning No Bounds Festival in Sheffield. On top of consistent festival bookings, Phatworld have toured Japan, the west coast of America and played across the continent to establish them as international rave dons, spreading the 0114 Sheffield sound across the globe. Expect high energy party music, rude & wobbly bangers!