Romeo Taylor

Delicious Clam // No Bounds Satellites - Delicious Clam × No Bounds // Set Time: 21:30-22:00

Age 25 & available for dates... what else can be said about Romeo Taylor? This Little Lord is the best of the best, he will outsmart you no questions asked. He knows every trick in the book - and then some! The king of music in Scotland, the best songwriter to come out of Europe since the dawn of time, Romeo Taylor is an award winning act to say the least. With 5 back-to-back SAY award wins under his belt, not to mention 20+ BALEK award wins, you will love this guy's music!

Romeo Taylor is the natural meeting point between Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Gary Rhodes and World Wrestling Entertainment’s beloved 'Attitude Era', making a mockery of the idea that in music, everything's been done before and we’re just repeating ourselves. The Coatbridge native is making quite a name for himself with an astonishing live show that demonstrates both his accomplished songcraft and comedic sensibilities. Romeo Taylor’s music is a bizarre kaleidoscope; it’s the work of someone who takes all sorts of disparate influences and melds them into songs that bounce from genre to genre. While the nostalgic, mournful ‘Go Without’ and ‘Golden Lover’ veer into 80s synthpop territory, official Sound of the Summer ‘The Kingdom of Scotland’ is, officially speaking, Donk, while ‘The Waters Divided’ is music for an evil wrestler. Something for everyone, then.