Samurai Breaks

Hope Works // Saturday Rave - Room: Kuiper Belt // Set Time: 03:00-04:00

Sam, a.k.a Samurai Breaks, is a Leeds based uptempo enthusiast. Full-throttle break chops, 808's, percussive vocals and rugged punchy basslines define his sound. Bluring the lines between footwork, jungle techno, rave, grime and bassline, Samurai Breaks fuses them all together into high energy dancefloor euphoria. 

An effervescent catalyst in the modern breakbeat scene, to AB2, he's been all around the UK spreading his uplifting old-school Rave//Chicago aesthetic blended with his unique pulsating flavours. If you haven't yet feasted your ears, check his releases on Hooversound, a face-melting 9 track album on Off me Nut Records, and his own emerging label 'Super Sonic Booty Bangers'.