Hope Works // Opening Rave // Friday - Room: Courtyard Anomaly // Set Time: 01:15-02:00

Also known as Dj Scratcha, DVA (Hi; Emotions) and Scratcha DVA, Scratchclart's musical background includes playing and making jungledrum and bassUK garagegrimeUK funkyhouse and other electronic music. He joined up with Terror Danjah forming the Reckless Crew with D Double E, MC Bruza, MC Skanker, MC Triple Threat, MC Hitman Hyper and others. He played sets on London pirate radio stations, such as, Flava FM, London Underground FM, Deja Vu FM and Rinse FM.

In 2006, Scratcha had a Friday night grime show on Rinse FM. After noticing Scratcha liked to talk a lot on the mic, he was later asked to do the Rinse FM breakfast show. The show was popularly known as The Grimey Breakfast Show. The show had a wide variety of guests coming through and co-hosting. Scratcha announced he would be leaving in 2012.From 2012 to 2016 Scratcha co-hosted the Hyperdub label. After spending 10 years with radio stations, his last show was on 12 June 2016. In 2016 Scratcha started a bi-weekly show on Radar Radio. In October 2016 Scratcha DVA released his second album Notu Uronlineu which was recorded completely in the dark. In August 2017 he closed his Record Label of 15 years, DVA Music, to concentrate on his new label, AllYallRecords.

On October 21, 2021 Scratcha did a one-off hosting of the NTS breakfast show. Calling for listeners' favourite songs of all time, he briefly played Vengaboys after it was requested in the NTS chat. In November, following how well-received his hosting was, Scratcha was announced as one of NTS' resident hosts for the weekday morning. He currently hosts the 11am-1pm slot on Friday.