Skee Mask

Hope Works // Opening Rave // Friday - Room: Mothership // Set Time: 03:00-05:00

Skee Mask is a versatile producer from Munich who likes to maintain anonymity. His music thrives on the friction between opposing impulses. The German producer fuels storming club rhythms with jungle breaks, distorted kicks, and whip-cracking electro syncopations, then swathes them in wispy atmospheric tones, soft as baby’s breath. The end product is a dramatic pairing of force and aura, like an earthmover haloed in dust clouds and rays of sunlight, or an iceberg cleaving in slow motion, throwing off huge plumes of frozen debris.

Over the years, he has drawn influences from a multitude of music types, but in particular 'old' techno labels like Chain Reaction, Warp Records or Counterbalance. In his DJ sets he tries to create a deep trip, constituted of organic grooves and diverse clang accompaniments. Skee Mask would describe his DJ-Set variations as techno, ambient and mostly experimental, forward thinking.

This year we invite Skee to No Bounds where he plays a special b2b with the one and only Batu at Hope Works.