Tim Reaper

Hope Works // Opening Rave // Friday - Room: High Density Energy Chamber // Set Time: 02:00-03:00

Tim Reaper is a DJ, producer, radio host and label head at the heart of the contemporary jungle scene. The 27-year-old East Londoner first fell in love with drum ?n’ bass after discovering Andy C’s Mixmag cover CD while studying for his Media GCSE. He then spent countless hours devouring jungle’s deep history, preparing for when he was old enough to step into the club himself.

Since 2010, he’s earned a reputation within the realms of jungle and drum ?n’ bass for being a prolific producer and a dextrous DJ. While loyal to his core audience, lately his music has been reaching new ears, in part thanks to dropping his Cityscapes four-tracker via leftfield house and techno label Lobster Theremin and a collaborative EP with Special Request on Sherelle and NAINA’s Hooversound Recordings.

The Jungle phenomenon rose from the ashes of London’s early acid house scene, reaching its high point in the mid-1990s. Diluted by its own quest for progression and pushed out of the limelight by UK garage and grime before the year 2000, to all but the most die-hard junglists, the genre seemed confined to the annals of underground history. But now, among a growing sector of adventurous young ravers, producers, and nostalgic holdouts from the original era, jungle is catching on again. As a producer and DJ, Tim Reaper is one of the figures at the forefront of jungle’s new wave. With a reverence for the genre’s storied past and a determination to unlock its future, Reaper is guiding jungle into a brave new era.