Winston Hazel


A tireless DJ and producer as well as a true originator, Winston Hazel helped gift house music to the city of Sheffield via his mid-eighties party Jive Turkey which he was resident at with DJ Parrott. Jive Turkey pitched new American dance sounds up against his beloved funk, jazz and soul. It was an irresistible concoction, and from these early innovations grew a city-centric dance industry that continues to echo – and still has Winston at its heart.

He's been a foundational part of the Sheffield sound ever since and has been involved in so many projects from Ruth Joy to Moloko. He is still resident at Sheffield institution Kabal alongside DJ Pipes which is throwing down still to this day. He's deejayed round the world and recorded for an array of quality labels, but his dedication to the dance-floor burns as fiercely as ever. We are so happy to welcome him back to No Bounds for the fourth year running. It's becoming an essential feature of our programme.