Working Men's Club (Live)

Hope Works // Closing Party // Sunday - Room: Mothership // Set Time: 21:30-22:30

"Staying within their 80s synth rock influence, as always they’re sounds from bands hailing from their Yorkshire home like The Human League, New Order, Pulp and Soft Cell. But ‘Widow’ suggests something darker, like the soundtrack for Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch or some other weird techy old-school psycho-thriller." - Gigwise



Songs created in the shadow of terror and loss, but that crackle and pop with defiance, wrestled into being over one of the most extra-ordinary years in recent history. Ideas born of pandemic and isolation, but that demand sharing and then celebration. A statement of desperation, but also of intent. Of two-fingers anger, and two-footed celebration.

The complete vision, that top-to-bottom rigour, is what makes the second album from Working Men’s Club such a stunning and totally unique achievement. This is Fear Fear, a record made for agitating and dancing, for heart and soul, for here, now and tomorrow.


But before we get there, a little recent history. In late summer 2020, in the heartbeat between lockdown#1 and lockdown#2, Working Mens Club released the debut album of the year. Critically acclaimed and commercially loved, the album was a surprise and refreshing Pandemic breakthrough.


Working Men’s Club by Working Men’s Club was ‘the Heavenly sound of young Yorkshire’. More specifically, it was the sound of singer and songwriter Syd Minsky-Sargeant processing a teenage life in Todmorden in the Upper Calder Valley.

Writing and demoing in his childhood bedroom, the 18 year old lyricist-lad was armed with a Korg Volca FM digital synthesiser, a 1986-vintage Roland Rhythm Composer TR-505 drum machine and MIDI sequencer, and a battered MacBook Pro laptop. He was aided by ace Sheffield producer-wingman Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, MIA, The Fall) and his bandmates Liam, Mairead and Rob. So bolstered, the frontman channelled synth-rock, Krautpop, Afrobeat, jolting dancefloor energy and the sonics of Cabaret Voltaire.


After Minsky Rock played live @ Hope Works last year we really wanted to build on this and bring this incredible Sheffield/Manchester band to the festival. What better way than to get them to close it off for us! This will be guaranteed goosebumps. We cannot wait for this energy in Hope Works...